Sansan Inc. Secures $14M Financial Round Led by DCM.


Sansan Inc. Secures $14M Financial Round Led by DCM.

The No.1 contact management service provider in Japan, Sansan inc., has recently announced that it has manage to raise a total of $14 million USD ( 1.46 billion yen) in funding led by venture capital firm DCM, with participation from institutional and strategic investors. Sansan, which has already gained over 2,000 corporate customers based in Japan, will be utilizing this recent funding to launch its cloud-based contact management service based in the United States this month, and rapidly accelerating its expansion into the international markets.


Initially launched during 2007, Sansan’s unique cloud-based contact management service empowers business organizations to better leverage their relationships and network, Sansan’s unique technology quickly and accurately transcribes business cards, and uploads them into a cloud-based contact management platform. Additionally, going beyond traditional contact management, Sansan enables seamless collaboration around important business data, who met whom, when, where and why.

“With over 10 billion business cards exchanged each year, Sansan is the first truly collaborative service for managing one of the oldest, yet most valuable, relationship building tools in the world,” said Sansan CEO Chikahiro Terada. “By automatically scanning business cards and uploading structured data to the cloud, Sansan allows organizations to more easily leverage their contacts in a collaborative way, while increasing the productivity of sales teams and enhancing customer relationships. By automatically bridging traditional offline business practices with scalable online and mobile tools, we hope to delight every business person in America with our simple yet powerful products.”


This financial round has given Sansan’s entrance into the U.S. market, and Silicon Valley-based DCM’s lead investment includes a stronger strategic backing.

“Business cards are a universal business tool used in every country in the world,” said Osuke Honda, partner at DCM. “With its simplicity and universal appeal, DCM is looking forward to supporting Sansan’s growth not only in Japan, but in the American market as well.”

Domestic investors and partners that also participated in this funding round, included the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Nikkei Digital Media, Energy and Environment Investment, Inc, and GMO Venture Partners. These partners will strengthen Sansan’s market leaderships based in Japan, propelling the product innovations and marketing reach. Previous investors has also included

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