Samsung’s Cloud Printer Gains Approval from Chilean Universities.


Samsung’s Cloud Printer Gains Approval from Chilean Universities.

Samsung Electronics has recently signed up a deal with Chilean solution provider, Adminstradora de Documentos S.A. (ADSA), to supply 51 A4 mono laser printers with cloud printing technology to Unversidad de Andres Bello of Chile and has begun the installation process already.

Cloud Printing.

This would mark its very first contract on Samsung’s behalf of providing the cloud printing solution in coordination with the local solution company. The contract shall help those students who wish to hand in their assignments using their mobile devices while on the move and reflected on the rapidly-transforming Chilean IT market environment.

At the current moment, by pressing the print button their smartphone, 45,500 students of the university shall be able to save their assignments on to the cloud server and later print them out with any one of their printers that can be located at multiple places within the college.


In order to provide this service, Samsung utilized the technologies available from the locals. The cloud server is the one developed by the ADSA and the printing service’s payment system was provided by the Chilean Internet payment service provider, Webpay, as well. Webpay’s transaction server allows credit card information to be registered to the student ID and payment for the printing with the ID.

Moreover, Korea’s leading IT company is currently in progress of service test with Universidad de las Americas and Universidad Santo Tomas of Chile as well, to provide the same printing solution to the total of 70,000 students.

The head of Samsung Electronics’ strategic marketing department said, “This case stands as a paragon of providing customized solutions by cooperating with local solution providers based on our company’s diverse product line-ups. We look to expand the service further on to convenience stores, airports and other places in Chile, and develop more of new customized business models such as this one.”

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