Samsung Rolls Out a New 2G and 3G Network Phone Aimed For Elders.


Samsung Rolls Out a New 2G and 3G Network Phone Aimed For Elders.

Among the LTE netwok subscriber number reaching over 20 million, new models for the 2G and 3G network phone, dubbed as the “Grandpa phones,” are going to be a launched.

Grandpa Phones.

This news will most likely be welcomed by the currently remaining 7 million low-end network user who feel that the updated and state of the art smartphones are highly unnecessary and uncomfortable, a large amount of these users are mainly made up of elderly people, so the devices have been nicknamed “Grandpa phones.”

Samsung Electronics has recently announced that they are going to launch their new 2G and 3G netwoek cell phone “Samsung Master” during this week, which will be less powerful that a smartphone but much more easier to use and more inexpensive.

“Samsung Master” is appareled with deluxe leather stitch design, the very same design that was used for the “Galaxy Note 3″, for a much more classy and luxurious look and integrated with a huge 75.6 mm screen. Suitable for those who are farsighted.

Samsung Electronics announced that they are going to launch their new 2G and 3G network cell phone "Samsung Master"  which is less powerful than smartphones but easier to use and more inexpensive. (image: Samsung Electronics)


This new mobile devices limited in capabilities in contrast to the much more modern smartphone, but is equipped with features that are specifically aimed towards elderly users, such as “Attentive Alarm” function which automatically sends a text message towards a set of numbers, possibly an emergency contact, when the phone are not being utilized for a certain amount of time.

Also, its “High Volume Ringing” function which automatically turns the ringtone up towards 70 decibel when the phone is not being answered after a certain amount of time, will also be integrated. Furthermore, the cell phone shall also provide other function with much more practical uses, such as “Pace counter and”FM Radio.”

The price tag during release for this device shall total up to be 240,000 won, which is about half the price of newly-release smartphones.

An official in Samsung Electronics said, “The last 2G phone that was released prior to the Samsung Master was a year and four months ago. We wanted to show that we still care about 2G and 3G network users and the customers who still prefer phones with simple and convenient features, even if their sales proportion is relatively small.”

“We believe that the Samsung Master would be a perfect gift for parents and elderly, before the end of May, the family month,” added the official.

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