Samsung Reveals its new Health Tech Wearable and Cloud Platform.


Samsung Reveals its new Health Tech Wearable and Cloud Platform.

Samsung had shown of its latest framework on Wednesday  for an all new consumer related biohealth ecosystem, feature a newly made sensor-filled watch, “Simband” and a cloud platform for storing health data collected by the device.

This ecosystem would be developed around a platform thats been giving the name of SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interaction), which the tech giant has stated that its been fashioned to “sit between devices that collect data, and algorithms in the cloud that analyze that data.”

Samsung says SAMI will be the brain of the new ecosystem and that the more data that health  devices gather and deposit there, the better the health insights that medical professionals can gain from it.


The SAMI platform shall be opened and easily accessible, but during the same time it shall provide all of the necessary security that is normally utilized by online banks shall be used, stated the head of digital health Ram Fish at a Samsung even that was held in San Francisco. Samsung has stressed out that it will now be owning any of the data, the users will. Nor will it combine the data with other data sets without having the user’s consent, Fish said.

SAMI already has some basic algorithms to process the health data. As the platform continues to amass data about sleeping habits, nutrition, activity, and well-being, it can create a “body score’ based on these measurements. During the demo, Fish had shown off several days worth of his own body scores, expressed as a percentile score out of 100.

Although, the SAMI platform tracks all of these tings after along period of time, so users can see the consistency of their sleep cycles and exercise habits, for instance. This is the kind of data that should become accessible to doctors and other health care providers, as it could provide them with valuable context around the health problems that patients report.

Samsung’s platform is an ambitious endeavor, but with Samsung’s vast amount of money and high number of devices released, it might be able to unite personal health data in ways to yet be done before. Most consumer health devices tend to operate separately from a network, collected and reporting single sets of data, Samsung noted. If this info could be mixed and analyzed together, which is something that Samsung hopes to pull off with SAMI, these results could give us a better reading on health.


Samsung’s main attraction was announced to day and was the reference design of a new health wearable tech called the “Simband,” which uses a sensor-filled wristband and a large display for monitoring body metrics during real-time. The Simband shall collect health data from the user and report it up to the SAMI cloud.

The Senors within the band project beams of light into the skin at varying strengths in order to reach tissue near the surface or deeper within. For example, a sensor may aim a beam of light at the strength needed to reach a vain, where it might read pulse rate.

The screen the displays metrics such as heart rate and blood pressure during real time, users can see the wave forms moving across the screen in a variety of colors.

Simband sensors casting light into the skin.

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