Samsung Redesigned Its App Store, In Efforts to Allure More Users.


Samsung Redesigned Its App Store, In Efforts to Allure More Users.

Samsung has recently upgraded their Samsung Apps store with a revamped user interface and a brand new name, Samsung Galaxy Apps, as its searches to put the focus on exclusive content, discounts and promotional offers.


The Korea-based company’s app store is available on all of its Galaxy smartphones and tablets, the company states that it gives it a reach of over 130 million user, but very few are likely to have given it much of a chance since Google Play is a far much larger attention on Android device with its wider range of application.

Samsung is quite aware of this issue, and has claimed that Samsung Galaxy Apps store features ” hundreds of exclusive apps” that are fashioned specifically for Galaxy devices. These ‘Galaxy Specials’ take advantage of Samsung’s SDK to work with features such as multi windowing, the S Pend and the Samsung ‘home appliance’ network.

Galaxy Apps1 Samsung revamps its app store, touting hundreds of exclusive apps for Galaxy devices


The newly remodeled app store also comes along with a much cleaner look by organizing apps by popularity and date, while there is a section that highlights Galaxy Specials.

Samsung blamed “weak demand; for its third straight quarter of profit decline and, as its been noted by Straterchery, one of the company’s chief issues is that it compete solely on price and not differentiated software, as Apple does. This redesigned app store is a direction in effort to change that, but since its living in the shadows of Google Play, it seems that it will be quote the difficult trail ahead to make a difference for Android device users.

Although, the store is likely to become even more important as Samsung continues to push out their Tizen devices, the very first of which are due to launch in Russia during this year.

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