Samsung Offers Soccer Fans a 24 Hour Delivery Offering.


Samsung Offers Soccer Fans a 24 Hour Delivery Offering.

With the highly much anticipated Brazil World Cup about to commence, Samsung Electronics has been watching the growing excitement on the run-up to one of the world’s largest sporting events, which are going to be held in Brazil during this month.


In an attempt to use similar successful marketing strategies from Amazon, which has been known for its instant hit with guaranteed 24-hour-delivery service, Samsung announced that it would offer a delivery service within 24 hours for its Samsung Curved UHD TV, which was initially revealed during May 7.

Samsung announced it would offer a delivery service within 24 hours for the Samsung Curved UHD TV. (image: Samsung Electronics)

From whats been gathered, Samsung’s speedy delivery service is to be aimed towards consumers “impatience” to watch the big sporting games with a giant TV screen that covers an entire living room wall.  When a consumer purchases the TV before 7 PM on a weekday, the company shall deliver its sophisticated UHD TV at the purchaser doorsteps within 24 hours after the order has been placed.


This “as quick as possible” offering is a very smart move on Samsung’s part, given the most tournament games are being scheduled to be held early within the morning, during the early hour, consumers will be able to enjoy the game right on the day they’ve purchased the TV.

Samsung is betting on some major sales for its new UHD TV model, during the last week of May, the overall UFD TV sales have increased to over 20 percent during the previous week. It’s expected that during the World Cup month of June, the sales might double or at least show one and a half times growth over that of May, stated an official spokesperson from Samsung Electronics.

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