Samsung Milk Music “Put Your Spin on It” Ad Features All New Celebs.


Samsung Milk Music “Put Your Spin on It” Ad Features All New Celebs.

Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung) today released the  first commercial for Milk Music powered by Slacker, a free and ad-free music streaming service that offers an effortless and entertaining way  for Samsung users to enjoy the music they love and discover new,  unexpected artists and songs.


The new film features Milk’s signature  navigation dial brought to life through various musical genres and  showcases top artists including John Legend, Iggy Azalea with Charli  XCX, Lady Antebellum, Chromeo, Childish Gambino, Cold War Kids and  Little Dragon.

With more than 2 million downloads of Milk Music, new campaign spotlights the discovery journey of Samsung’s free music streaming service (image: joshlowensohn/ Flickr)

“Put Your Spin On It,” launches in cinema on July 4th, and  tells the journey of music discovery through the unique Milk dial. The  film features top artists taking over a life-sized dial of different  musical genres. As the dial lands on each genre, a section lights up and  one of the featured artists is shown performing their latest hit song.

“With over 2 million downloads in less than five months, Galaxy owners  are enjoying the exclusive free music experience Milk offers,” said Todd  Pendleton, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Telecommunications of  America. “Milk’s curated song library is a great way to discover music  plus the ability to customize your experience gives users the control to  listen to the artists they love.”

Featured songs include the following:

  • Childish Gambino: “3005″ Rock
  • Cold War Kids: “All This Could be Yours”
  • Chromeo: ”Come Alive”
  • Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX: “Fancy”
  • Lady Antebellum: “Long Stretch of Love”
  • John Legend: “You & I”
  • Little Dragon: ”Klapp Klapp”

Milk creates a music experience that takes the work out of seeking and  listening to new music and old favorites. The unique dial interface  features more than 200 stations and 13 million songs at your fingertips  – allowing you to quickly search through stations and genres with a  simple turn of the dial. Milk is free and does not require a log-in to  begin listening to music and browsing through millions of songs  instantaneously.

Milk Music is available now exclusively for Galaxy consumers to download  on Google  Play.

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