Samsung Makes use of The Power of Crowdsourcing with “Mosaic”.


Samsung Makes use of The Power of Crowdsourcing with “Mosaic”.

Samsung has recently announces that it was beginning its operation of a company wide collective intelligence system named “MOSAIC” from June 11th, which has run trails since this past March.


“Mosaic” is conceptualized with the notion of concerted opinions from the employees, has been designed to stimulate creative suggestion from the employees and executive and realize there ideas through a collective intelligence.

The system consist of different pages including the “creative idea sharing” section where employees can propose their ideas, the “job forum and get help” section where they will be able to discuss the difficulties in their jobs and gain help from company experts, and the “share interest and meet your peers” section which supports online and offline meetings of employees with common interests.

An idea posted on the system will go through cumulative assessment from the employees and will back by “C-Lab” or Creative Lab, Samsung’s creativity development center, when the idea is once evaluated as to be viable.

One most recently recognized suggestion was the “advanced music instrument bringing human and music closer to one another” project.


The employee who initially came up with the idea, was inspired by this personal experience of frustration when it came down to learning how to play a string instruments, in which he felt was far too time-consuming and difficult. He eventually thought up of an idea for a digital string instrument that can be synced up with mobile devices, after collecting various opinions from “Mosaic.”

 Samsung gives out rewards with bonuses to employees who manage to come up with brilliant ideas and will also give out “Creativity” awards in a company award ceremony which is held nearing the end of every year. Even more so, the innovative electronics company states that they shall reflect enthusiastic participation in creative activities positively in performance reviews.

An average of 40,000 employees every day visits the collective intelligence system and approximately 3,000 ideas were proposed ever since its trial-launch in last March.

A substantial amount of opinions has been exchanged and the main topic of the discussion has been future technology development direction, especially on applications of flexible display and wearable technology.

An official at the creativity development center said, “Mosaic is an agora of creativity which polishes and sharpens the employees’ imaginations and ideas. We look to develop and impose diverse schemes to create Samsung’s unique innovative environment.”

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