Samsung Increase Its Marketing On Ultra HD TV with Various Line-ups.


Samsung Increase Its Marketing On Ultra HD TV with Various Line-ups.

Samsung Electronics has expanded its ultra-high definition (UHD) TV line-ups from premium products including curved UHD TV to low-cost mass marketing models.

UHD Lineup.

The world’s number one TV manfucaturer has recently launched a low cost UHD TV models like HU7000 series of 40/50/55 in products to rule over the UHD market. The factory prices of low-cost models are around 1.89 million won for 40-inch screen, 2.49 million won for 50 inchand 3.79 million won for 55 inch. The relatively lower prices shall benefit domestic consumers who have felt reluctant on purchasing an UHD TV due to high prices.

As of recent, UMAX, A UHD cable channel, has begun a full on commercial broadcasting and other UHD video contents are also coming onto the stream, which shall boost the demand for the UHD TV’s. Samsung has also expected for big sports events, such as the up and coming FIFA World Cup, Which shall be held in Brazil during June, will increase the demand even more.


Samsung has unveiled its premium UHD TV line-ups of Curved UHD TV 65 to 55 in models during the previous February and began selling the products in the manner of a presale. As the products are continued to be well received within the market, Samsun ghas begun taking pre-orders of extra large shaped UHD TV models, which include 78 to 105 inches. Especially for the 78 inch model , preorders were raised even before the presale.

They also recently launched a low cost UHD TV models, which as continued to receive positive consumer response and Samsung expect those low cost TV’s will continue to increase in popularity and contribute to the acceleration of UHD TV uptake.

An official at the marketing team of Samsung Electronics said, “The demand for UHD TVs are moving up as people’s needs for high-definition video contents increase. We expect the recent roll-out of low-cost UHD TV will lead the popularization of the UHD TVs and help secure our No. 1 TV manufacturer status in the world.”

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