Samsung Electronics Ups The Ante On Raising Software Capabilities.


Samsung Electronics Ups The Ante On Raising Software Capabilities.

Samsung Electronics has set out to reinforce their software capabilities, based on the realization that it has been unable to maintain its leadership position within the hardware space without concurrent effort to improve competitiveness in the software industry.


Coming along after establishing a set of dedicated organizations during the previous late year, the company has recently held a conference, with invitation sent to a number of in-house software develops. It future direction, according to company official spokesperson would include security, Internet of Things, big data analytics, and Tizen, the Linux-based operating system for their devices .

Samsung Electronics stated during May 23rd that it held the 2014 Software Conference at its Digital City in Suwon, southern outskirts of Seoul, intended to enhance its software competitiveness and expedite new technology information sharing.

The three-day event, which lasted between May 20 and 22, had participants of up to 300 developers and software manager from Samsung companies all across the globe. As part of this event, it also held a content among the 100 software programmers who had been selected through a carefully strict screening process six months before.


During the latter half of the previous year, the company created a new organization dubbed ” The Software Institute of Soft Technology” as a way for it to high jump into the area of software development that it considers a need for vast improvement.

Combined with the Software Center established during 2011, and the Device Solution Center opened up recently, the new institute will play and essential role in bring up the company’s software capabilities.

hoi Jong-deok, vice president in charge of the company’s software center, said, “Lately the importance of software, design, and services for companies to be ahead of competition. We will hold conferences and other opportunities to share creative ideas.”

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