Samsung Confirms Release for SDK Aimed Towards Tizen Smart TVs.


Samsung Confirms Release for SDK Aimed Towards Tizen Smart TVs.

Samsung has recently begun to intensify their preparation sot release their products that are solely based around its new Tizen operating system after it had manage to announce plans to introduce an software development kit (SDK) for smart TV products during the next month.


The Korea company has already begun to ship devices developed on the Linux-based operating system, mainly its Gear2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches, followed by the release of the beta of Samsung TV SDK will allow developers to have the chance on getting hands-on with software. Samsung stated that the beta shall include a Smart Interaction feature, which shall allow hand gesture and voice-based  commands, and multi-screen options for linking up with a mobiles and wearable device though did not stated when the TVs would be set to launch for sale towards consumers.


‘The Wall Street journal had manage to reported during the previous month that Samsung was beginning to prepare for the launching of its very first Tizen smartphones within Russia and India, while also hinting towards a smart TV product that was in the pipeline. Those mobile devices has as of yet to come out, but recently, news has confirmation that Samsung is at the very least planning a Tizen smart TVs, the company cancelled planned Tizen smartphone launches during the previous year, so there’ no guarantee these TVs shall arrive for sure.

The Tizen TV SDK shall become available for download at the link provided towards the Samsung forum, beginning sometime during the “early July” month.


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