Samsung Applies For What Seems to be A Trademark For Smart Glasses.


Samsung Applies For What Seems to be A Trademark For Smart Glasses.

Samsung Electronic has recently been reported in applying for a trademark patent in which it has been speculated in being a new brand for smart glasses device.


During May 23rd, the Korean Intellectual Property Office’s patent information searching service Kipris stated that Samsung C&T Corporations and Samsung Electronics had applied for a patent that been dubbed as “Samsung Gear Blink.” Considering the precedent that Samsung Electronics has been utilizing the name “Gear” for its wearable devices such as Smart watches, Samsung Gear Blinks are suspected to be a wear product as well.


Even more so, the fact that Samsung electronic has included keywords such as sunglasses, glasses and 3D glasses along with other worlds like computer, smartphone and camera can be taken as implication that this new product will be for Samsung’s smart glasses. For that matter, Samsung has submitted patents for what seems to be a deisngs for smart glasses during October 2013 and April 2014, which is more likely to added upon such speculations.


These seem to not contain any “Galaxy” as their trademark so it seems that his device is going to take Samsung Electronics and Intel’s Tizen as its main operating system instead of Google’s Android. Samsung Electronics has first integrated Tizen in the company’s smart watches “Gear 2″ and “Gear Fit” which were introduced to the worldwide market in 125 different countries, and plans to expand the operating system to be used by various device, which includes cameras and cars.

Samsung Electronic has been reported to have made a successful debut into the wearable device market with its smart watch which have garnered about 70 percent of the worldwide smart watch market. In order to cement the leadership within the wearable devices other than  the watches, Samsung may have to deal with issues such as infringement of privacy, controversies over smart glasses, which has already become  an obstruction for the world’s first smart glasses, Google Glasses, and come with with strategies that will make consumers lower their guards and come to trust the devices.

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