Samsung Announces Their Video-Streaming Service Project Glued.


Samsung Announces Their Video-Streaming Service Project Glued.

After previously going through some large hurdles intl launched their music streaming service with its own mobile application called Milk Music, Samsung is currently planning to enter the video-streaming space as well. The company has recently announced ‘Project Glued” during an event held in Singapore, which will allow the user to rent and entire season of Television shows for a maximum of 30 days for only $6.50.

Streaming service.

The Straits Times, a newspaper Based in Singapore, has reported that the TV shows will come mainly from the UK and US.

The video-streaming service has been scheduled to roll out during the third quarter of this year, launching off within the Philippines and Singapore at frst. It will become available in form of an application at first, on Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone tablets, and according to more information gathered from The Straits Time, It will also being developed for the Web and Samsung’s TV sets. which will happen sometime during the future.

Project Glued has been said that it will allow user to not only stream Television shows, but also download them, so people may watch them while on the go. In order to gain the attention of potential users, Samsung will be offering the first episodes of every season for free. It’s also allowing payment for users to give multiple friends a one-day free access to a season of the Television show they have rented.


Samsung has been tried to be reach in hopes of finding out more details about his recent Project Glued, mostly too see if this service will ever spread towards other regions beside Asia. From what can be deduced so far, Samsung will be taking small steps into launching their media platforms, treating them more of value-added service for users of their devices in different regions, especially with Milk Music being only currently available for the US-based Samsung customer and there have yet to be any announcement of it launching globally. It’s possible that Project Glued might become a limited reach service as well.

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