Samsung announces Its New Galaxy Tab S with Super AMOLED display.


Samsung announces Its New Galaxy Tab S with Super AMOLED display.

During their New York press conference recently, Samsung had announced two new tablets that were launching off the Galaxy line: the 8.4-inch and 10.5 inch Galaxy Tab S. Both of these tablets feature AMOLED screens with a 100,000:1 contract ratio and WQXGA display (2560×1600 pixels and 16:10 ratio), making images much sharper, sophisticated, and lively.


The Galaxy Tab S also claims adaptive display technology to optimize gamma, brightness, contrast and sharpness based on the content users are viewing and where they are currently utilizing the tablet. Samsung states that the super AMOLED display is over 40 percent less reflective than LCD screens to help with outdoor use.

This light weight devices has been measured to be at 6.6 mm thick, and runs Android 4.4 KitKat under Samsung’s Magazine UX. Both tablets shall also come along with the company’s Knox security platform, support voice calls and offer up to 11 hours of battery life.

Samsun has also included a integrated fingerprint scanner, allowing different user to access their profiles just by simply pressing the home button to log in. This can be really useful for families, as the younger members will be able to automatically sign in to the device with a Kids Mode and access content appropriate for their age.


The Galaxy Tab S shall launch alongside with several content consumption application such as Papergarden, interactive magazine viewer, due to a partnership with Conde Nast, Kick, a dedicated application for soccer news in honor of the Fifa World Cup kickoff, Milk Music, and Kindle for Samsung.

The Galaxy Tab S series will become available in white and brown, shipping for the US and Europe during July and begins at $399 for the 8.4 inch and $499 for 10.5 inch model. Pre-orders shall begin during June 13 during midnight.

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