Rotimatic Secures $5M During Its First Week After Launching Its Campaign.


Rotimatic Secures $5M During Its First Week After Launching Its Campaign.

The Indian unleavened flatbread known as Rota, has recently become a sensational hit all over the globe. Mode of whole wheat, its an alternative to white bread, and leading it to become extremely popular among today’s health-conscious population. So its not much of a surprise when Singapore-based startup Zimplistic gathered over more than US$5 million during the the first week of pre-order sales for its cooking devices Rotimatic.

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The pre-order launch was only opened up for consumers based in Singapore and the United States.

Rotimatic is stated to be the brainchild of Pranoti Nagakar, CTO and Co-founder of Zimplistic, who initially founded the company back during 2008.

As both CTO and Co-founder, Nagarkar went on to win the Start-Up Singapore competition during 2009, according to the Straits Times. later during 2011, her husband, Rishi Israni, joined the firm as Co-founder and CEO.

Now what exactly attractions people to this device? Spending a total of US$600, pre-order price, simply to create some flatbread? The alluring part of this all is that it makes quite the healthy, nutritious rotis without the necessary need of kneading and cleaning up a mess. this is especially so for non-resident Indian families, who might rave love food when abroad.

The fact that Rotmitc has manage to successfully reach its pre-order limit, shows that massive interest from customers within this aforementioned two markets will simply have to wait for the retail sale to being sometime during the coming year. Accoriding to an official statement, each unite shall come along with a fixed retail price of US$999.

For those who were lucky enough to pre-order, the device shall be shipped on a first come first serve basis come early 2015. Consumers in other countries can indicate their interest through this list.

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