The Recent Decline of Social Mobile Gaming Company DeNA.


The Recent Decline of Social Mobile Gaming Company DeNA.

Certain Japanese mobile and social game developing companies such as GREE and GungHo have been doing positively well during the quarter of 2014, the same cannot be said for publishers and game developers DeNA.


The Japanese social and mobile game developers have recently announced their earning report for its fiscal year that ended during March 31st. It’s revenue descended to 10 percent of $1.78 billion year-over-year. The company’s operating profits also decreased 31 percent to $523 million, while it profits went down the same percentage to $312 million.

The reason behind it’s recent struggles is due to the loss in usage for their virtual currency Mobacoin. Users who would spend cash on it has declined to 15 percent year-over-year. CEO of DeNA, Isao Moriyasu stated that its aggressive push for them to release new titles on its Mobage gaming platform wasn’t nearly enough to cover up the hampering of traction in its previous titles on the platform.


Additionally, it’s overall monthly active user for the platform have gone down since the previous November. DeNA has also predicted that its users base for Mobage will continue to go downhill and lead to further downturns in revenues and profits. It’s only current solution is to be viable answer to give to the public, Strengthen its business by achieving in gained top application sales though global native applications and revitalize its existing titles.


The one positive thing for this situation would be its mobile NBA My Dream did extremely will in China. The company did not disclose on the numbers and how much the game earned in revenue, but it seems that the basketball and social networking mobile games is a great mixture as any to gain the attention of Chinese gamer. It may seem possible that other games with this similar formula might provide the help DeNA needs in order to make it back on top.

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