RE.MU Is Looking To Be The Next Big Fashion Sharing Social Network


RE.MU Is Looking To Be The Next Big Fashion Sharing Social Network

Fashion is a growing and trending market in China. The spending power of the middle class in China have been increasing over the past few years. We have been seeing more and more luxury foreign brands enter the Chinese market in the past few years. RE.MU is looking to be the next big fashion sharing social network in China. What started off as a simple Facebook group grew to over 100,000 active users within 2 short years. At the end of 20.13 RE.MU received an undisclosed amount of seed funding from KAMIA investment group. RE.MU is also available for both iOS and Android mobile systems.

What Exactly Is RE.MU?

RE.MU is a fashion social network where users can create “closets” and share their fashion items. In RE.MU, you start off by creating a simple closet and adding your fashion items to it. This can be jewelry, Gucci Bags, Northface jackets, slippers, anything fashion related. You can then invite your friends to view your closet and you can view their closet as well. Your friends can leave comments and give their opinion about your fashion products.

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of luxury brands in China. In China, people love fashion and love to ask their friends about the brand that they are wearing. RE.MU wants to allow regular people in China to discover new fashion brands quickly. On RE.MU, you can simply ask the person through a direct message or comment about the clothing brand. This saves a lot of time and hassle for the regular consumers.

RE.MU’s main goal now is to build a large and scaleable user database. The founder of RE.MU, Alvin, mentioned that they have a lot of plans for a solid business model and monetization. He believes that he can monetize the social network by offering data information and partnership opportunities to other known fashion brands. For example, brands looking to enter China might be wondering what the current fashion trend in China is. RE.MU can gather all of that data from their app and sell those top companies a detailed report. In addition to that, RE.MU also have plans for launching a marketing platform where top designers have the ability to market and test their product on the app.

RE.MU was founded by Alvin and Emily in 2012. Alvin previously worked at TMI in Taiwan and currently handles all the main operations that occur in the startup. Emily comes from a community manager background and currently handles all the social media, community work in RE.MU. The startup is growing more and more by the day.

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