Rakuten Launches in Bangalore with a New Operation Center.


Rakuten Launches in Bangalore with a New Operation Center.

The internet service company from Japan, Rakuten, has recently announce the grand opening for its new Rakuten India Development and Operation Center (RIDOC) in collaboration with PROLIM Global Corporation, the private IT consulting services company in USA with operation in India.

Even more so, its primary role as a global development center, the RIDOC will also supplement Rakuten’s knowledge base and staffing retention.


Most of the companies still have the knowledge and expertise of a full-time personnel but it will mostly be a challenge for them to achieve this with partner staffs, who are often only involved on a project-by-project bases. The RIDOC plans to address these issue by supplementing the India development operation with Build-Operate-Transfer framework, which will help retain personnel, increase the knowledge base and give partner staff more opportunities to support other Rakuten Group companies and projects around the world.

The grand launching if the RIDOC follows the establishment of Rakuten’s development Centers in China (Beijing), the US (San Francisco) and Singapore.

Rakuten’s, Managing Executive Officer and Director of Development, Hiroaki Yasutake commented, “I am very pleased to announce the opening of the RIDOC. By developing resources at the RIDOC that will be used throughout the Rakuten Group, we will have the opportunity to develop best practices, standardise processes and procedures, improve the efficiency of our operations worldwide and build a truly global team.”

The RIDOC is main concentrated on Infrastructure operation process and resources for the moment, although, work has begun on developing talent in infrastructure automation, software development and quality assurance. Sometime near the future, the center will expand into other areas that shall complement Rakuten’s global business.

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