Rakuten Investment Launches $100M Global Investment Fund.


Rakuten Investment Launches $100M Global Investment Fund.

Online retailing giant Rakuten has recently launched a total of $US100 million global investment funding with its Venture, targeting investment in startup and companys based around Israel, Asia Pacific, and the USA.


According to a released statement by Rakuten, this recent fund is built upon the success of the Southeast Asia fund, which was initially launched during 2013 and counts Carousell, Visenze, Coda Payments and Send Anywhere among its investment portfolio.

Through the use of this fund, the company shall enhance the startup ecosytem that lays beyond Japan and Southeast Asia and hopes to positively affect Internet services around the globe.

The fund shall mainly focus on early stage investment in companies that range from the technology industry that are able to deliver financial returns with strategic relevance, the Japanese Internet company stated on its statement.

The funding operation will be ran out of Singapore, with the Managing Partner of Rakuten Ventures, Saemin Ahn, acting as the fund adviser.

“If you just look at the last couple of years, companies like Waze and Viber are great examples of companies taking on massive issues like transportations and communications, breaking them down to their basics, and providing an engaging and sticky user experience that people have come to love and depend on,” Saemin said. “More Asia-based VCs are venturing out into different regions to look at investment as long-term growth vehicles. Since 2013, Rakuten Ventures has been one of such VCs to aggressively invest larger amounts into younger companies, to enable them to focus on product and service development.”

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