Puzzle & Dragons Will Now Be Available In Japan’s Arcades!


Puzzle & Dragons Will Now Be Available In Japan’s Arcades!

Puzzle & Dragons is one of the most famous mobile role playing game out there. Many people praise it for it’s great storyline, gameplay, and graphics. Puzzle & Dragons is one of the most played games coming out of Japan. Just recently, the company that created puzzle & dragons teamed up with Square Enix to put together an arcade version of the game. The arcade version is currently available in a lot of arcades in Japan. If you’re in Japan and your looking for a list of locations, check out this link.

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One of the reasons why people loved Puzzle & Dragons is because of it’s addictive and fun storyline. People were worried that the arcade version might not have the ability for a long storyline gameplay. Gungho Entertainment confirmed that this would not be a problem because everyone would have a personalized card that will save your game’s data each time you play. Here is a brief video introduction of the arcade version:

The arcade version also allows real time peer to peer gameplay where you can explore places together, build teams, and get through the levels together. The company also mentioned that they will be expanding to the smaller city’s arcades as well and will look into implementing more updates to the game in the near future.

As of now, the cost per game is about $1USD, which is quite typical in Japan’s arcades. Going to the arcade is one of the many culture that younger Japanese people like to do. It’s social, interactive, and affordable.

To learn more about Puzzle & Dragons go directly to their Japanese website here: http://www.padbt.com

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