Professor Chang Byeong-yong, The Creator Behind A Self-testing Urine App.


Professor Chang Byeong-yong, The Creator Behind A Self-testing Urine App.

An application for mobile devices that allows a user to self-administer a urine test, which is the rudimentary stage of a medical checkup has been developed.

The research team created by Professor Chang Byeong-yong of Bukyung University in Busan has recently announced during this week that they have successfully developed an application that test samples of urine.

The Work.

The users must first take a picture of a urine-soaked test paper, which can be easily acquired in a local pharmaceutical firms. Once uploaded, the application will immediately analyze and show the urinal test result in 12 different categories which include blood sugar levels, red blood cells, white blood cells vitamins, and serum.

The user will easily be able to read their health statues since the self-testing application will indicate the statues in four degrees of danger level, from labeled levels of normal to danger, one to three, with specific figures and an automatic feature that allows the user to save the data.

The application will allow the user to save significant amounts of time and money when it comes to medical checkups, since the test papers, only cost a few cents each, are now all that is currently needed for a urine test. Additionally, the medical applications color correction technology allows the test to be conducted at anytime and anyplace, regardless of the weather, time or place.


The test results from the application have proven to not be much different from that of higher-priced analytic equipment. Such research results of the application have been introduced in journal articles:

 “Development of smartphone-based multi-material color sensor,” which is published in the May edition of “Lab on a Chip,” an international science citation index journal.

Regardless, the application is currently not open for the public to download for the time being, as the current laws have categorized handsets with the software as medical equipment, which could only be permitted to be used under authorization and otherwise illegal.

Professor Chang said, “We developed this application so that people can conveniently and inexpensively self-administer a urine test, which can check several health indicators. The application will be open to public free of charge once the complications regarding the restrictions in law are cleared up.”


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