PrivChat Pro, a Social App for Android With Privacy Protection For User.


PrivChat Pro, a Social App for Android With Privacy Protection For User.

Espier Studio, a brand of FMSoft has recently launched a social app, PrivChat Pro for Android devices. PrivChat Pro is an advanced version of their free app PrivChat. PrivChat Pro is one of a kind social application that offers some exceptional features that are closely focused on privacy protection. Along with that, the app offers an amazing feature of allowing the users to create as many as 100 online users community within the app through Communities. Users can even translate messages in anonymous chat community, which will certainly allow them to explore, discuss and share novel ideas by socializing with diversified users from across the world.


Concerning to the application’s privacy protection features, the app allows the users to use OpenPGP encryption messages and OTR encryption conversation to protect their privacy thoroughly. What increases the overall efficiency of the security is that PrivChat Pro lets the users avail in all 5 types of private messages. Apart from the above two features, it includes Silent Message, Burn-after-Reading (BAR) Message and Secret Message. These above mentioned features serve as one of the best secure instant messaging mechanisms in the present competitive market. Now, users can effortlessly choose to keep their preferred conversations, images, audios and videos undisclosed, send secret message or keep the private data far from the reach of others, in spite of losing the phone.

“PrivChat Pro is set to make a groundbreaking difference in the social app category, while the free version of the app has already encountered good number of installs. The Pro version with its unmatched privacy protection features, as well as serving as a platform for users to interact with other users from around the world by breaking the language barrier, itself makes a standout feature for an instant messaging app for android.” says Vincent Wei, the CEO of Espier Studio.


Some of the key-features that users can avail through PrivChat Pro:

  •     Create 100 online users community (20 online users community for free version).
  •     Translate messages in anonymous chat community.
  •     Use OpenPGP encryption messages and OTR encryption conversations to protect your privacy thoroughly.
  •     Upgrading the space size of your eCloud drive to 4GB from 40MB.
  •     Upgrading the maximal size of one file being transferred to 1GB from 10MB.

More to that, the app is cloud-enabled which allows the users to store files using my cloud file. Whereas, my private safe box is another vital feature through which users can encrypt/decrypt their important files and/or browse, delete, or rename locale files. This means that the users’ privacy will be protected, in spite of losing the phone. What adds up to the app’s efficiency is its simple yet practical user interface that will surely come in as an added advantage for its users.

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