PrimeAgain Launches their Own Snapchat Like App Called Winker.


PrimeAgain Launches their Own Snapchat Like App Called Winker.

Tokyo-based startup PrimeAgain, best known for its mobile application DecoAlbum and DrawChat, recently introduced a video chat application named Winker. The application has been made available for the iOS in English and Japanese. It also allows the user to take a video clip or a snapshot in a limited time chosen by the user from one to ten seconds sharing with other users.  A user receive the sent clip will be able to play or view it just once.

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Asian Market.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Nouhiro Abe spoke about what the user should expect from this application:

When you upload a video clip to a social network platform, you will carefully decorate or edit it prior to uploading, since it will remain permanently. Some people appeared in the clip may feel uncomfortable if you publish it to the public. However, you will have less reluctance to upload it if it’s an ephemeral and short-time one. I think this our concept is pretty similar to human memory system where we typically forget past events as time goes by.

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According to Abe, the Snapchat application has manage to surpass over 70 or 8- million downloads, most of which has come from the US market. So there are no main players in this kind of space, especially within the Asian market. Similar to that of the Japanese Line Application dominating the Asian market while WhatsApp currently dominates over the Western countries. The company wishes for Winker to be come the ephemeral video sharing application for Asia while Snapchat is mainly serving American user. Abe further elaborated on the features placed in the application:

You can invite your friends to Winker using Facebook, Twitter and Line. However, your clips posted on the app will be never shared via these social network platforms. If you link your Winker account to your Twitter account, your Twitter friends and you can follow on Winker each other.


Within this space, current competitors would be Muuk, 5sec snaps, PicChat, and Commu Camer. PrimeAgent planes to differentiate the Winker application away from these competitors by including new function in the up coming future. Moreover, they want to explore a potential monetization model by giving their corporate user an API to allow them to gain access to their official Winker accounts.

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