Polyphony Digital Makes A Partnership with The FIA.


Polyphony Digital Makes A Partnership with The FIA.

Some of the best driving simulators tend to be those who actually put all their worth in making the most authentic game possible available for players all over the wold, with credibility being backed by one of the biggest motorsports organization, who could simply resist trying out such a fine piece of game. As of recently Sony Computer Entertainment had announced that the Japanese company known as Polyphony Digital has manage to gain such a bargain.


The developers behind the Gran Turismo Series have manage to establish a long-term innovative partnership with the Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA). For the ignorant, the FIA is a pretty huge deal when it comes to all sorts of racing fans as its one of the biggest governing body of motorsport across the world. It represents over a total of 80 million road and truck users from 141 countries.

With these recent events, Gran Turismo 6 shall become one of the very first video game to feature FIA-sanctioned content and also the very first game to headline the launch of an official Online Championship next year. The tournament shall offer Gran Turismo fans and motorposts lovers a chance to see and engage in the real deal, most likely to spectate a race on the Fuji Speedway or even drive a real car on it.

Team Up.

Now I bet your all wondering how this manage to take place huh? well, the FIA President Jean Todt stated that among every single racing game that currently exist within the video game industry, Gran Turismo helped attract a new fan base thanks to the developers amazing amount of attention to detail.


“It was not until we completed the tests between our track data and the game’s track data that we fully appreciated the level of work and attention to detail that goes into the development of Gran Turismo 6. It was not just the tracks that have been precisely mapped out, but also the surrounding landscapes such as the run-off areas, grandstands and buildings.”

Todt stated that with the organization working along side with Polyphony, the quality of the in-game tracks for future releases shall be much better in filled with detail. Polyphony President Kazunori Yamauchi included that the partnership with the next step in the company’s mission to bring “virtual and reality racing into a full circle”.

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