Plants Vs Zombie 2 Proves to be Successful With Chinese Mobile Games.


Plants Vs Zombie 2 Proves to be Successful With Chinese Mobile Games.

The Chinese mobile gaming spaces is quite intense these days for developers. It’s been stated by the Chinese government that an estimated amount of the mobile gaming economy has generated almost $2 billion during the previous year. It’s really that surprising when one witnesses foreign mobile gaming firms clambering around to try and get a hold of this lucrative place.

The real important question to ask would be, what kine of of mobile games seems to attract the average Chinese Player?

Plants vs Zombie.

From one of the latest reports released by Chinese Android app store Wandoujin, which monitors current trends in China’s mobile market based on downloads, has recently revealed that Plants vs Zombies 2 reached the top-ranked game with a total of four million downloads during the first half of this year. Followed by Temple Run 2 with over more than 3.8 million downloads, and Subway Surfer Rome with over three million.

Wandoujia points out that the secret formula to the success for foreign games within China is to go local, Plants vs Zombies 2 was published by a local studio, while Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers Rome both have local publishers. According to Wandoujia, local publishers help out when it take care of localization and promotion, and some times even come up with some original content that can appeal to Chinese audiences.


The app store cited the example of a game by the name of Ski Safari, which was promoted by local publisher Yodo1. Even though the game was launched during 2013, it still ranks as sixth for most-downloaded foreign games within China, with nearly 1.7  million downloads.

“In addition to linguistic localization, Yodo1 promoted Ski Safari on local ad networks, set up local billing systems, and added new content catering to the Chinese market such as (for) Chinese New Year, Terracotta Warrior, and panda costumes for main character Sven,” Wandoujia noted.

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