Photo Money The Personal Financing App That Brings a Visual Interaction.


Photo Money The Personal Financing App That Brings a Visual Interaction.

Quite a number of personal financing application from Japanese developers have been released over the past couple of years. The most popular ones being both Zaim and ReceReco, with both having taken an ease-of-input approach by implementing OCR technology into their application for faster scanning of receipts. But as of recently, there has been a new personal application that been making sudden appearances, with its more visual approach to monitoring users personals spends. This little app is called Photo Money.

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The Works.

At the moment, the application is available on the iOS for both Japanese and English, the application allows users to take a picture of what they’ve purchased, and add the price by using a large calculator-styled input. User will be able to input any kinds of currency, so users from all over the world can try out Photo Money if they desire too. By logging their purchases in this manner, the results shall come off as a reverse-chronological gallery their expenditures, which is a quality visual of the users spending.

The application shall also differs from other finance applications in that it shows only a weekly view. While this may be due to the space constraints of the photo gallery view, the developer has stated that its’s because the single week give the user a much shorter iteration of time to improve upon their spending habits. So if they aren’t happy with their spending this week, user can try to do better by start next week.

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Photo Money was developed by RandyApps, with support from ad revenue, unfortunately there are no paid ad-free version for the time being. While Photo Money may not be the highest ranking application on the App Store, it still a valuable tool for anyone who wished to fix their horrible spending habits.

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