Philippines Outsourcing Industry Huge Boon For Homegrown Startups.


Philippines Outsourcing Industry Huge Boon For Homegrown Startups.

The offshore outsourcing industry absolute loves the Philippines. English is a widely known language there, and the population is generally very well educated and wages are pretty low, listing these reason show the country to be a highly attractive site for oversea companies look to far out administrative and other tasks.

The growing industry has garnered a total of $13.34 billion in the Phillippines last year, up 15 % on the year, according to the country’s central bank. A survey done by the global outsourcing consultancy Tholons, has discovered that Manila has overtaken Mumbai as the world’s Number 2 business outsourcing (BPO) destination. Call centers have accounted for most of the country’s outsourcing activity, but the industry continuous to diversify. New type of startup continue to appear to capitalize on the various opportunities of arising growth sector.

Helping Hand.

One of these company is Bagosphere. Launches last year Bago City, In Negros Occident Province, which specializes in providing training for people who are hoping to work within this industry.

Social responsibility is a big them for the company. One if its main goals are to empower the young people from rural areas and marginalized segments of society by providing a “study now, pay later” program that also covers equipment and transportation costs. According tot he company, nearly 90% of its graduates have gained a job at call center within the first two months and earn four times what typical unskilled jobs pay.

Co-founder and CEO, Zhihan Lee, stated that students area taken through the same test and evaluation process that BPO companies are used for hiring. The startup has over four outsourcing partners so far, major call centers Teletech, Teleperformance, Transcom, and Panasiatic,

Bago means “new” in Tagalaog, and Bagoshpere founder has stated that its a fitting name due to them employing a new model for helping the youth to that are from rural areas.

“Rural youths form a large base of untapped talent in the country,” says Lee. “Helping people in this segment start their careers will enable them to pursue professional and personal development goals far beyond their capabilities if they are otherwise left untrained.”


Another company that also exploring the outsourcing industry from a staffing is Kalibrr, which helps out businesses in the sector of finding suitable employees through its online platform.

Employee burnout is a huge problem within the industry. Call Centers tend to have one of the lower staff- retention rates in the country, with a total of  55% of employees leaving each year, according to a study report done during the previous year by the Call Center Association of the Philippines.

Co-founder and CEO of Kilibrr’s, Paul Rivera, stated that many people in the outsourcing jobs tend to quit after only a couple of months due to them either not liking the work or due to it being something they did not expect. Kalibrr has been trying to help reduce the high turnover by improving the assessment process for job candidates.

     ”An assessment should be used not only to measure a candidate’s proficiency in skills that are important for a job, but also to profile candidates so they are matched to jobs they can succeed in,” he said.

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