Perfect World PWIN Global Game Venture Program Competition.


Perfect World PWIN Global Game Venture Program Competition.

The final round of the Perfect World PWIN Global Game Venture Program Competition was held in Shanghai on August 1, 2014. In the presence of a professional jury consisting of both Chinese and foreign judges, leading media organizations and a number of industry elites, the top three winners were announced. The two months+ competition came to a successful conclusion.

Perfect World CBO Xu Yiran and Vice President Zhang Yunfan take a picture with the top three winners


The competition organized by Perfect World was a global event with the aim of selecting the world’s best and most creative game development teams and giving them a chance to achieve their dreams and demonstrate their outstanding works. The winning team or individual will receive a venture fund of up to 10 million yuan (approx. US$1.6 million). Approximately 100 programs, with 90% of them being mobile games, were submitted during the two months+ competition. Submissions from overseas participants represented about 15 per cent of the total. The competition selected eight programs in the initial stage with the top three winners announced at the end of the final round.
Perfect World CBO Xu Yiran said Perfect World is willing to support teams that have dreams

Perfect World CBO Xu Yiran was actively engaged in the competition and indicated that game producers and industry development trends are key selection criteria. The competition was designed to search for and select excellent teams, facilitate the development and operation of quality games using Perfect World’s resources and ultimately bring ever more excitement to players worldwide. At the same time, the PWIN Global Game Venture Program Competition also represents the achievement of a major milestone since the launch of the PWIN global investment and agency program.


Given the acceleration of the process of globalization, Perfect World has made investments and established franchises worldwide. Company investments outside the home market account for approximately 20 percent of all investments undertaken by its investment teams including the world renowned creative team Runic Games. Games which the company operates as the agent outsideChina account for approximately 25 percent of all games it operates. In recent years, Perfect World has obtained the exclusive right to operate the popular DOTA2, and has partnered with global leaders such as SquareEnix and SNK PLAYMORE on copyright. In addition, Perfect World also focuses on the broader entertainment industry by investing in smart devices, providing users with a better entertainment experience.

Looking forward, Perfect World’s PWIN global investment and agency program is expected to evolve into a powerful platform for its global R&D team and the high quality product that the team can bring under its wing. The program will power the robust development of the entire gaming market by better integrating and allocating gaming resources, readying the entire sector for the big platform era.

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