The Partnership of Three Chinese Carriers, Taking on Mobile Gaming.


The Partnership of Three Chinese Carriers, Taking on Mobile Gaming.

The three largest carriers to exist in China, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile, aren’t exactly on the most friendliest of terms, given the fact that they are competitors, but as of recently they have announced during the GMIC held in Beijing that they will partner up in order to launch an initiative seeking to publish mobile games.


Mobile games have increasingly grown quickly in China. A report published by state-affiliated research organization, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) showed that near the end of 2013, there were a total of 215 million users playing mobile games inside the country, growing by 75.9 million from its previous 2012 numbers.

A representative announcing the three carriers joint initiative during GMIC today stated that given the large numbers of mobile game developers based in China at the moment, many of the smaller ones, even if they have a successful game under their belt, aren’t able to stand out as much. The carriers have thus decided to open up their resources in order to help these publishers. The aim of this program within the first year is to help publish 100 mobile games that shall each generate an estimated amount of CNY 1 million ($160,000) in annual sales.

The Works.

Developers who wish to take a part in this recent initiative will first be judged by a panel selected from the operators, with a select few qualifying. The carriers will then integrate the games onto their platforms, which may take on the form of pre-installments, helping to promote and market them, as well as providing developers with payment service by creating their SDKs available. Developers will also be given data analysis services so they can find out what they doing well on.


By partnering to tap into the mobile gaming industry. the three carriers are perhaps showing a hint of desperation as they continue to dig as they deep as possible for some potential revenue source that is slipping out of their hands. China’s over fragmented application stores, and services such as messaging applications WeChat, are instead gaining all the benefits of distributing games and receiving a piece of the revenue that they create. For Instance, during just three months, WeChat has seen its first five game release in China gain a total of 570 million cumulative downloads.

During much earlier of this month, the three telcos had also partnered up to form a jointly-owner tower firm to share telecom infrastructure with.

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