Pao Mian Ba Is The New Codecademy In China! Nomore Excuses!


Pao Mian Ba Is The New Codecademy In China!

A lot of people in China are extremely talented and wants to learn how to code by themselves, but the issue is the language barrier that they tend to run into. Statistics show that more than 50% of the young adults wants to create their own mobile app or website, but have no clue how to do so. A fraction of those people know about Codecademy, but most of them have a hard time understanding the English context on codecademy. Pao Mian Ba solves this problem by creating a Chinese version of Codecademy for China only.

pao mian ba

Pao Mian Ba

Pao Mian Ba is a code learning startup platform for Chinese speakers to learn how to code. The courses include entry level C, Python, API, Ruby and many more. A lot of people in China are comparing this to the Western coding platform, Codecademy. Pao Mian Ba’s founder Wang Chong said that Pao Mian Ba is a different startup compared to Codecademy.

The main difference is that PaoMianBa actually provides step by step detailed guides. The founder said that this is extremely important, because Codecademy isn’t as detailed. Codecademy will give you a broad knowledge of programming or an overview you could say, but Pao Mian Ba will actually walk you through all the basics and ensure that you understand every bit of it.

The founder said that as of now they are mainly focusing on high school students and early college students. Wang Chong wants to allow high school students to test out coding and see whether or not coding is right for them. He believes that coding will be considered a basic guideline in the future. People in China have been known to learn things on their own rather than from school. Most students in China are extremely hard workers.

pao mian ba

Pao Mian Ba plans to generate revenue from institution and private funding. The founder believes that the product will monetize well when school boards and universities approves their product. When asked why does Pao Mian Ba not have any tutorial videos, the founder replied saying that he believes students can focus more on learning with text and hands on experience. Wang feels that it is more likely for someone to be doing something else while watching a video or opening a different browser tab while the video is playing in the background. He believes that instructions along with an instant test is the best way to learn.

To check out Pao Mian Ba go here:

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