Oppo N1 Mini officially Announced With Limited Amounts of Details.


Oppo N1 Mini officially Announced With Limited Amounts of Details.

Oppo has recently expanded their flagship smartphone line up during Friday with a downsized version of the Oppo N1, in efforts to increase its Market share within the highly lucrative Chinese smartphone market. Following in the recent trends that have been set by Samsung, HTC, and Sony, Oppo is carrying on with a much smaller version of its N1 smartphone.

N1 Mini.

Much earlier within the week, Oppo had confirmed that the company would be announcing a miniature version of its N1 during Friday. With that, Oppo has offically announced the mini version of N1, dubbed the N1 Mini, in China. The 5-inch device indeed looks like smaller N1; though, the company hasn’t shared much else about the phone. Interestingly, the N1 Mini is now listed on Oppo’s official China website.

The mobile device Oppo N1 Mini, feature a similar design to the original N1. As its been reported, the miniature version also contains the same 13-megapixel swivel camera likes its predecessor, which can be repositioned from both the front and back facing shots.


Thus far the specs have continued to remain a mystery. Although, the official website has confirmed that the device will arrive with LTE connectivity and weighs a total of 150grams. The phone will most certainly run on ColorOS 1.4 running on top of Android.

Extra details for the N1 Mini has remain a mystery for the time being, but it has been rumored to come along with a 5-inch HD display. The mini variant of the handset will reportedly come along with a MediaTek MT6592 process or a Samsung Exynos 5422 chip.

During the meantime, Oppo has stated that it shall be holding a press even during June 10th, where the handset manufacturer shall, most likley, be disclosed the rest of Oppo Mini N1′s feats.

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