OffGamers Partners Up With Adyens to Provides Localized Payment Worldwide.


OffGamers Partners Up With Adyens to Provides Localized Payment Worldwide.

The global payment technology provider, Adyen has recently announce that it has been chosen by OffGamers, one of the worlds leading online distributors of gaming products and services, to develop a seamless online payment solution for its global community of games all across, Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.


Initially founded during 2004, OffGamers allows gamers to play over more than 2,5000 online games, and offers a wide variety og services that include selling popular downloadable PC and console games, software decryption keys and in-game points for consoles, MMORPG’s and social games. It also allows gamers to top up” or reload their game cards to purchase in-game currency, gaming points, or utilize OffGamers ‘Power Leveling Services, high-level account trading and asset-trading. Combined, OffGamers facilitates more than 1.2 million game-related transactions per month.


OffGamers selected Adyens as its new payment partner for its broad geographic reach, which includes its capability in providing acces to more than 250 preferred local payment methods and 187 currencies. The company has also enjoyed Adyen’s highly sophisticated back-office payment analytics, advanced risk management, and powerful payment management feature that are increasing payment conversion, while optimizing process and reducing costs.

Adyen’s back-office interface provides OffGamers with a consolidated view of its global payment operations, by either country, payment method, product/service or other criteria and great insights into chargebacks, declined transactions and many other payments-related idea, issues and trends.

“One of our core values is to ensure the best experience for our gamers from around the world, whether they are playing the best online games or paying for one of our gaming services. We wanted to make our payments process easy while ensuring the highest level of security,” said Leonard Chee, CEO at OffGamers. “Adyen’s ability to offer a seamless global payment solution makes them a perfect partner as we expand our platform into new markets and channels.”

“We are thrilled to enable fast growing companies like OffGamers to expand their international operations and make it possible for them to offer an optimized user experience,” said Roelant Prins, Chief Commercial Officer at Adyen. “Our robust and scalable global payments solutions will help OffGamers expand its already impressive international presence, enabling them to reach new gamers, game developers and publishers anywhere around the world.”

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