Observe Design Launches Its Medical Wearable Technology Hansure.


Observe Design Launches Its Medical Wearable Technology Hansure.

A startup from Standford-India Biodesign, Observe Design, will be launching an innovative wearable medical device dubbed Hansure to fight MERS and other contagious infections, on the occasion of the Global Hand Hygiene Day, an initiative by the World Health Organization.


The deadly MERS virus is spiraling out of control with over 111 reported dead and the virus rapidly spreading towards other countries with the newest case reported being in the US. The worst affected are the ones whoa are taking care of others, healthcare professionals, mainly doctors.

The director of US-based Purdue Homeland Security Institute, J.Eric Dietz, Stated that the smartest thing for people to do during this kind of situation of outbreaks is to take precautions, such as washing hands and regularly and wiping the surface with anti-bacterial or chlorine. Hansure simplifies the process of hand hygiene, allowing its user to keep their hands sanitized at all times.

The device can easily be work over any article of clothing and provide all-time access to the hand disinfectant through a simple single hand gesture. The premium electronic version of the device is ale to monitor how frequently the use sanitizes their hands an can intimate them automatically in given time periods or upon being in contact with another person through its intelligent proximity sensing technology.


While it was originally intended for healthcare professionals, Hansure is a must-have for those who frequently travel, food handlers, and resident of ares that are facing a risk of contagious infections. The CDC recommends a frequent hand cleaning as the most effective measure against contagious infections for all travelers. With some of the most deadly infections originating from animals, proper hand hygiene also become imperative for people working with or near animals.

Hansure is an outcome of severl months of development with healthcare professionals at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and extensive research within Stanford-India Biodesign.

 ”Our team spent several weeks observing healthcare workers to identify the difficulties that they face to follow the hand hygiene guidelines,” explains Agyeya Dwivedi, the clinical person in the Observe Design team.

The Works.

Healthcare workers need to disinfect their hands every time before and after attending to every patient every time.

“We quickly realized that the guidelines are impossible to follow in practice and the hand hygiene process needs to be simplified,” says Saurabh Bag, the industrial designer behind Hansure.

The project gained funding for research from Johnson and Johnson and financial funding was facilitated  by Czech ICT Alliance.

The wearable device is able to carry a hand disinfectant in the form of disposable cartridges, ensuring all-time access to the hand disinfectant at the point of patient care. The product ensures that no opportunity for hand hygiene is ever missed in the healthcare settings. It is also a great immediate response tool for travellers or people living in areas with occurrence of MERS or any contagious infection.

“With Hansure, we want to fight MERS and other contagious diseases in the worst affected parts of the world. As our support to the Global Hand Hygiene day, we are providing hundreds of free products to healthcare professionals who register through our website at www.hansure.co. The product will be commercially available to others very soon,” claims Aanan Khurma, Chief Executive Officer of Observe Design.

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