NTT BroadBand Launches “Japan Connected free Wi-Fi” on iOS for Foreigners.


NTT BroadBand Launches “Japan Connected free Wi-Fi” on iOS for Foreigners.

Planning a trip to Japan any time soon? Well this recently released application might just be useful for you, especially for those who plan to travel towards the more remote areas of Japan. Unlike its bigger cities in Tokyo, rural area tend to be a bit more behind when it comes to internet gadgetry or even hard to come by. But no worries these product has got you covered.


A subsidiary of NTT Docomo operating public wi-fi services, NTT Broadband Platform has recently announced the launching of its complimentary wi-fi service for iOS, intended to serve international travelers heading towards Japan.This service has been dubbed as Japan Connected free Wi-Fi and was originally launched for Android users back during November.

The only necessary thing users will have to do is to install the application onto their smartphone and sign up when they launch the application for the very first time. It list over 16,000 free wi-fi hotspots nationwide within Japan, Including 7-Eleven stores, Denny’s restaurants, JR railways stations, and many other public places. Unfortunately when theyre offline, they won’t be able to use the map to find the nearest location from where they currently are. But the application shows users several signs that designated internet accessible areas in which they can probably find around the town, so it will be relatively easy to gain a connection. The service is currently available in Englihs, Chinese (Traditional and simplified), Korean, And Japanese.

Another interesting thing to note down, is that the Tokyo Bureau of Transportation has also recently began integrating in-train and in-bus complimentary wi–fi services aboard their bus and subways. specifically created for serving international travelers.

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