Nintendo Teams Up With Docomo To launch “Easy Tethering for 3DS”.


Nintendo Teams Up With Docomo To launch “Easy Tethering for 3DS”.

It seems that after quite a long time of holding out, Nintendo has finally developed its own application,except its not a game.


Co-developed along side NTT Docomo for release on Thursday, the application will enable users based in Japan to connect their Nintendo 3Ds Handheld to the Internet immediately through the new Docomo smartphones, simplifying the tethering process, both companies had announced today.

The applications, which is being called “Easy Tethering for 3DS”, is a halfhearted acceptance by Nintendo to the spread of smartphones and tablets. Trailing behind with their dismal sales on its flagship Wii U console, Nintendo has continued to explore different methods to promote their games on mobile devices without actually putting iconic Mario franchise an other games on to them.


Launching its games on the growing numbers of mobile devices would not only endanger the conpany’s hardware business, but leech the Koyoto-based company’s capability to envision new kinds of game play, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has repeatedly stated. An official Nintendo Spokesman had came up and denied that “Easy Tethering” was the company’s first application stressing that Docomo was doing the releasing.


The company plans to release its first actual mobile application near the end of this year, which will most likely to better illustrate how Nintendo plans to allure new users through the use of mobile devices, while staying true to its business model of offering titles that it hopes are compelling enough to sell dedicated game hardware.

Standalone, for its much anticipated racing game “Mario Kart 8,” to go on sale near the end of this month, Nintendo plans to offer a Web service that allows users to access with the use of their smartphones to check player rankings and watch and share gameplay.

“We hope to actively utilize smart devices, but I don’t think it’s true that there is no future for game consoles because of smartphones,”  Iwata said.

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