Nintendo Reveals Its New Amiibo Figurines That Work Alongside Wii U Games.


Nintendo Reveals Its New Amiibo Figurines that work alongside Wii U Games.

Nintendo continuous to impress the world by finding a variety of ways the can fully utilize their console, especially with the Wii U Wii Pad, bring all sorts of new entertainment for their fans to enjoy a highly interactive gaming experience.


During their live stream show at E3 today, Nintendo showed off what seems to be a integration near-field communications (NFC) technology into figurines that work alongside with a specially Wii U games fashioned around this tech, this is one of their most latest technological announcements done during E3.

The company has stated that these figurines will be able to interact with in-game content, allowing the players to develop and improve upon their chosen individual characters.


The very first game to have the pleasure of supporting this will be the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros for Wii U, although, Nintendo has stated that it shall also be supporting other games sometime in the near future, this shall also include the most recently released Mario Kart 8 game.

Data is exchanged between the device and figurine when its placed on top of a Wii U game pad. There’s a two-way data exchange, which means that not only does the user individual character make an appearance in the games, but in some instances will become a playable characters and earn all sorts of new skills, which seems to be the case for the Super Smash Bros.

While it was only just announced recently today, Nintendo has hyped it up for there fans by announced that the figurines will become available “this holiday season”

The company also confirmed that Amibo characters shall also be compatible with certain 3DS games by using a special peice of hardware in conjunction with the handheld.

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