Nintendo Launches A Gaming Companion App For Mobile And Web.


Nintendo Launches A Gaming Companion App For Mobile And Web.

There had been talks of Nintendo stated that they would release a smartphone “companion application for its console games some time in the future. Well it seems to be true since, as of recently, thee Japanese entertainment firm has confirmed that its first application shall launch before the end of this year.


The application shall work along with its Mario Kart 8 title, but it won’t be a game release. Instead, Nintedo states that it will be an application that allow users to watch video and peruse data and statistics from their games. There will also be a Web-based component to the application, tentatively named Mario Kart TV, which allows the same game footage and stats to be viewed online.

mario kart tv Nintendo plans to launch Mario Kart companion apps for mobile and Web this year

Furthermore, the company has planned to launch a Nintendo Figurine Platform (NFP) that uses NFC that allows users to interact with physical figure based on their current game progression, similar to that of the Skylanders franchise. Details over the NFP are barely known for the time being, but Nintendo has promised to provide more information during the E3 gaming event held in Los Angeles next month.


Regardless of its annual financial results descending due its poor Wii U sales, it appears that Nintendo is still not prepared to go ito the mobile gaming space, although its companion application proposal is the closest thing it has made for it to date.

The company had also announced plans for a non-wearable health product during this pass January, which, combined with this recent news, show its unique paths as it looks towards expanding its business.

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