Nexon Enters A Strategic Partnership with Game Develop SocialSpiel.


Nexon Enters A Strategic Partnership with Game Develop SocialSpiel.

A worldwide leader in free-to-play online games, Nexon, has recently announced a strategic relationship with Socialspiel Entertainment GmbH, a Vienna-based social and mobile game development studio. Led by industry veterans Mike Borras and Helmut Hutterer, Socialspeil is a highly-acclaimed European game development studio focused upon high-quality, character-driven free-to-play mobile and browser games.


Under the terms of the agreement, Nexon shall make a cash equity investment in Socialspeil in exchange for a minority stake within the company and the nomination of a Director to Socialspiel’s Board. The agreement has also provided Nexon with exclusive worldwide published rights for Socialspiels upcoming mobile and tablet titles, notably the 2015 release of an as of yet to be titled action RPG where players develop a legacy of heroes and custom weaponry used to battler their way through randomized dungeons.

“This long-term strategic partnership combines Socialspiel’s experience and track record of developing unique, high-quality game play experiences for Western audiences with Nexon’s extensive free-to-play experience, global publishing platform and international user base,” said Owen Mahoney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexon. “This announcement marks yet another milestone in our strategy to grow our business in the West and we are excited to work with the talented Socialspiel team to bring exciting new AAA-quality titles to players around the world.”


Socialspiel was founded in 2010 by former teammate from Rockstar Games and Deep Silver. The Socialspiel team has managed to established an outstanding reputation for itself including Tight Line Fishing, winners of the Social Game of the Year during the 2011 German Game Developer Awards.

“Nexon pioneered the free-to-play business model over 15 years ago so they have the expertise and scale we were looking for in a strategic partner,” said Mike Borras, Chief Executive Officer of Socialspiel. “Additionally, Nexon shares our focus on developing differentiated, high-quality content, and we are look forward to working together to leverage their extensive free-to-play knowledge and international platform to bring our future titles to an even wider audience.”

The companies are expecting Socialspiels next title to drop sometime during spring of 2015.

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