Never Lose A Business Contact Again With The Remember App


Never Lose A Business Contact Again With The Remember App

A Korea based startup named Drama & Company released the beta version of the Remember App earlier this year in January. Drama & Company is a mobile app development startup that has been around for a couple of years. The startup created a few apps, but the Remember App is one of their biggest hits. Remember App allows you to easily scan, sort, and store all of your business cards in one place.

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In addition to just scanning and storing business cards, the Remember app allows you to browse through your list of stored cards in a social network/chat interface. That way you can easily pull up your contact’s information and facebook network. The whole interface looks extremely nice and it feels like you are just using the Facebook messenger app.

The best thing about this app is not it’s ability to store a copy of your business card, but the ability to store all the information on the business card and sort it accordingly. For example, if my business card said that I’m a designer, my address is XYZ, and number is 555-555-555, the app will allow you to easily input all the data in a very easy to maneuver fashion, so that you can retrieve the information easily afterwards.  Pretty amazing. Afterwards, you can look up any contact like you would in your phone contact list. The Remember App also allows you to easily make calls or send SMS directly from the app. All of your data is stored into their cloud server and all your data is fully secured.

Another excellent feature from the app is the ability to associate the person’s social media accounts with the app. The Remember App will try to automatically locate social media profiles that matches the contact. You can also manually associate their Line, Kakao Talk, email and many more.

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Passing out business card is a big part of the Korean culture. One of the first thing people do when they meet each other in Korea is hand out a business card. The business card doesn’t have to be updated, it can be a business card from a former company that you worked for, but it is still a respect and tradition to exchange business cards anyway. It can be a hassle to look through hundreds of business cards that you have everyday, but now you can easily manage all of this with the Remember App.

The startup is known in Korea for making business card and contact apps. Some of it’s previous releases include a contact and event sorter app and a video app as well. Their apps are available in both Android and iOS. Drama & Company also recently closed a 1 million dollar round funding.

You can can check out the Remember App here:

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  • John

    Great article! They call it the HDML(Human Driven Machine Learning) which seems to be the right road to take when transcribing from business cards: A single typo is critical!. Accuracy is key to the success in this field of business and I’m glad they know it.

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