Naver Release A Mobile Device Management Function For the Naver App Store.


Naver Release A Mobile Device Management Function For the Naver App Store.

Sometime during Friday, Naver App Store, ran by Korea’s Number one web portal service provider Naver, had decided to announce that a feature which manages applications and memories installed on mobile devices effectively has been included onto the App Store.


With this new feature, Naver App Store users will be able to browse all the applications installed onto the smartphone and light them in various orders which include installations dates, volumes and alphabets. Also the “run and”delete’ buttons are made for each application to enhance functionality. If an application is downloaded from Naver App Store, a separate application is list is provided for a quick update.

Even more so, there is a “memory management’ ‘ function by which users will be able to check the memory usage and optimize their mobile devices. By tapping onto the “optimization” button unused memories are cleared instantly.

Back Up.

Naver App Store plans to include a back-up function by which all the previous application list van be browsed through with Naver ID even when the user changes their phones. The App Store has planned to provide categorized view of the app list and the list of “popular’ apps by category.

A Naver official said, “As functionality of a smartphone is increased, app management has become more important; therefore, we plan to provide various functions to help users make the best use of apps installed on their phones.” The features are available not only on the Naver App Store App but also on Naver App.

This will be extremely useful for users who have the tendency to download a lot of application to their phones but have way too many placed in random spots and barely being able to find them due to the clutter of it all.

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