Naver Launches A Global Dictionary App for Users in Indonesia.


Naver Launches A Global Dictionary App for Users in Indonesia.

The largest web portal in Korea, Naver, has begin recently offering its mobile dictionary application intended for overseas user, a first move for the nation’s portal industry, stepping up its investment in overseas market and mobile application, two pillars of the company’s business expansion plan.

Line Dictionary.

The portal company announced a week before, its signature mobile messenger application, Line, will become available for the purpose of dictionary service and its first language service will be exclusively for Indonesia speaking users.

Line Dictionary, as its been dubbed according to Naver, will serve as a mobile version of Indonesian-English dictionary which provides an extensive vocabulary database and excellent contents.

With over 200,000 headwords and high-quality 410,000 sample sentences, along with 50,000 audio files, this mobile dic offers its unique user interface (UI) feature. (image: Naver)

With a total of 200,000 headwords and high-quality 410,00 samples sentences, along with 50,000 audio files, this mobile dic offers its own unique user interface (UI) feature. It shall allow user to choose either sentence translation functionality or search box for the related sample sentences automatically, user-friendly more on the mobile screen.

Considering the Internet environment in Indonesia, Naver differentiated its service from other currently existing dictionary services by developing automatic completion feature which allow users to search the results even in offline mode.


The application is integrated with other extra features such as Text-to-Speech (TTS) and sub-dictionary function which quickly display the definition of the words used in the sample sentences.

Even more so , the company plans to harness “crowdsourcing’ concept in shoring up the dic’s database, the local user are encouraged to submit their translated sentences as other exemplary sentences pool, a move to enhance the data base by including more up-to-date content utilized in real-life solutions in the local region. The service, already available on the Naver Dictionary, enjoys more than 1,000 participants a day.

For now, Line Dictionary is served only in Android version and iOS version will be available in the near future.

An official at Naver said, “More than 10 percent of the service users are foreign language users, illustrating more and more international users are interested in our dictionary service. We are planning to enhance convenient functions in the Line Dictionary while updating the contents regularly to meet the needs of users.”

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