Naver Expands Its Image-focused Advertisement onto Mobile Devices.


Naver Expands Its Image-focused Advertisement onto Mobile Devices.

Korea’s Number one web search engine has recently introduced a brand new image-oriented search ads platform, has recently made another grand strategic business move, in which in the company stated it’s well suited to the rising numbers of mobile device users.

Mobile Ads.

Korea’s biggest online portal, Naver Corp, has recently announced that it has managed to enhance their mobile search ads, pushing further into the increasingly important mobile-driven search advertisement market.

As part of this recent move, Naver had launched during the previous month Fashion Square, a search-responsive advertisement service for the mobile platform. When user type in a particular keywords, say shoes, in their smartphone or tablet PC, the keyword-related images will be displayed on the top of the screen, attracting enough user to interact with the likable image on the spot.

Once the users favorite images site appears during the process, they are most likely to click on the image which links to a full-sized image of their mobile screen in a pop-up and this will guide the user to the homepage of the creator for the “product clicked” which apparently the advertisement sponsor to the search engine portal.

In case the user wants more products related to the keyword, they could do so by “swiping” the displayed images to the left. In this way, much more related product portfolio will become available. Paper, Facebook’s new curative mobile application, also adopted this similar method of swipe-type UI, comparing its edge in mobile UI, best optimized environment in searching on any mobile devices.


Although, beneath Naver’s focusing on image-oriented advertisement platform lies the inevitable ‘limit’ to the mobile platform. The number of advertising list on mobile screen should be limited due to the size of a screen.

Search-driven advertising profit constitutes a core part of Naver’s overall income. During the time o predominant desktop computer platforms, the company has not worried over the availability of advertising list on its platform.

Although times have changed. As mor eand more users continue to switch over towards more mobile tech in their electronic lifestye, adapting to the changing trends accordingly is increasingly important

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