Mygooi Rolls Out Agile Mobile App Development Unit.


Mygooi Rolls Out Agile Mobile App Development Unit.

Mygooi today announced it is launching gooiDevelopment to create mobile apps for small and medium sized businesses (SMB). With Agile development techniques and resources on three continents, Mygooi will focus on customers while going effectively from specifications to Android or iOS (iPhone Operating System) applications, innovatively meeting the mobile needs of the SMB market sector. Initial topics will include safety reporting.

“We have project managers and business analysts based in the United States who define the specifications for apps,” said Mygooi CEO Paul N Greenwood. “They turn them over to our highly skilled development team of more than 100 programmers in India and their wealth of adaptable modules. Experts in Sweden draw on their experience with apps to evaluate and refine the product.

“Having operations in North America, Europe and Asia means there’s no down time; the sun is always shining. Using team members around the world gives us great flexibility to serve customer needs. This coverage within an agile development process maximizes efficiency and cost effectiveness, minimizing turnaround time for project iterations. It also allows competitive pricing.”

Mygooi founder Jay Namboor said, “We seamlessly manage development for businesses that want to outsource this part of their operations. Our expertise expedites results.”


While gooiDevelopment will offer services across the broadest range of corporate needs, it will draw particularly on a depth of understanding of safety issues, including tailored apps that will allow companies in the United States to more efficiently make required reports to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and state safety agencies. Banking and health care are other industries where reporting requirements suggest developing unique internal mobile applications.

“Applying the best practices of Agile development to the world of mobile applications, we expect this division will add considerable growth to revenues this year and next,” Greenwood said. While Mygooi, a leader in mobility development, is targeting the SMB market, it is also working with Fortune 500 companies.

Agile development methods are based on client and developer teamwork and collaboration, as well as on process adaptability throughout the lifecycle of a project. They break tasks into increments within short time frames. In general, the process involves cross-functional teams working on planning, analyzing requirements, design, coding and testing. Product iterations, each resulting in an interim working application, allow a project to adapt quickly.

Mygooi is an energetic brand platform that is digital, creative, disruptive and global. Its portfolio of emerging products sizzle with IC/DC (Innovation and Creativity/Disruption and Community). Mygooi’s utility and purpose are to bring people together with innovative digital products. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, and Chennai, India, Mygooi lives where the sun always shines and has as its mission to Go Where The Life Is.

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