MXI-Corp-Asia Has Announced a New Direct Sales Compensation For Japan.


MXI-Corp-Asia Has Announced a New Direct Sales Compensation For Japan.

Xoçai-Asia Malaysian Distributors in Kumamoto, Japan ratify the local raw chocolate diagnostic report.In January 2014, MXI-Corp-Asia also introduced the new Direct Sales Compensation Plan.


At MXI Corp, they view their authorized distributors as their invaluable business partners, and as such, they reward them with the most generous compensation plan in the Direct Selling Industry.

The first step is simple: achieve the rank of Royal and then help others to become Royals in their organization. This simple, yet powerful duplication process is the foundation for building their healthy chocolate business.

Perfect Time to Start Working for Yourself from Adam Green on Vimeo.

The Xoçai Compensation Plan could be that avenue to increased income and lifestyle security active distributors internationally have been looking for. With eight lucrative ways to earn, Xoçai pays 50% back to its distributors, making this opportunity not only delicious, but also very profitable.

Xoçai  is a high antioxidant, healthy, dark chocolate based ‘Network Marketing’ company. As a notable ‘Direct Sales’ company, our focus is to create financial freedom, wealth and time creativity for our distributors. “Xoçai pays the most upfront-commissions in the MLM industry,” says top earning Ambassador, Adam Paul Green. Xoçai is an ‘Affiliate’ company that provides money-making opportunities to people from every walk of life.


Xoçai currently has 17 products: Xoçai Nuggets, Xoçai X-Power Square, Xoçai Xobiotic (Probiotic), Xoçai Activ Drink, Xoçai Peanut Butter Cup, Xoçai Xolove, Xoçai Omega, Xoçai Variety Pack, Xoçai Meal Replacement Protein Shake, Xoçai Xe Energy Drink, Xoçai Xovitality (Energy & Immunity), Xoçai Xovitality (Antioxidant Power), Xoçai Xovitality (Heart and Brain Health), Xophoria Hair Care (Xophoria Shampoo & Xophoria Conditioner), Xophoria Skin Care (Xophoria Cleanser, Xophoria Serum & Xophoria Anti-Aging Crème).

MXI Corp (AKA: Xoçai) has set ‘MLM sales records’ because of their experienced leadership: Jeremy Reynolds (Utah), Adam Green (Utah), Derrick Winkel (California), Paul Engemann (Utah), Connie Hollstein (California), Felix Gudino (Washington), Ruth & Sherm Smith (Indiana), Caroline & Butch Swaby (Tennessee), Glen Overton (Utah) (Overton MLM), Mike & Dana Alsop (Indiana), Bob Stuhr (California) Joe Arredondo (California), Joe Duncan (Reno), Joyce Kleinman (Utah), Diana McCalla (CA), Kaye Wing (CA), and many other ‘Global Partners’ from around the world.

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