Music Streaming Service Guvera Further Expands Its Service into Asia.


Music Streaming Service Guvera Further Expands Its Service into Asia.

Guvera is music streaming service that most people have probably never really heard of, although it has been around for quite a while now. Initially launched in Australia during 2008, and subsequently within the US and Indonesia. As of recently, the service has manage to expand into Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines as it continues to search for ways to compete against other similar service such as Spotify or Deezer.


This mostly comes off as quite the hefty challenge of epic proportions for Guvera to gain any sort of stance in the region, but a partnership made with Lenovo during March could lead to helping it to further elevate its profile. This deal shall see Guvera pre-installed into Lenovo’s mobile devices and the smartphone manufacturer has a presences that spans over 160 countries.

Somethings that make Guvera particularly unique would be the user of hashtags. These tags can be utilized specifically by user in relation to the mode and genres to find out what kind of music they would be interested to listen on the service. Although from trying out the service, the tags weren’t really the most accurate thing around, but at least it could lead towards helping user gain an idea on the type of music they might enjoy.

Moreover, a Guvera spokesperson staed that the service is “programmed globaly but tuned locally” with an emphasis for locally relevant music. It’s ad-funded business practice also gives brands and advertisers a way to match relevant ads to the end user through certain algorithms.


However, these two methods are also being taken into works by competitors these would include Spotify. The company has always heavily emphasized its contracts with local artists, and with its recent purchase of music data The Echo Nest, Spotify’s, the company has mostly had improvements for its ad business.

Guvera also contains an ad-funded tier that offers users an unlimited amount of access to shuffle playlist for for free on all devices, this includes both smartphone and tablets. It’s platinum offer A$11.99 (US$11.30) per month and gives users on-demand music without ads.

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