Modern Gadget Bag for Men is a Hit on Kickstarter.


Modern Gadget Bag for Men is a Hit on Kickstarter.

Gadget obsessed men are now offered a minimally designed bag that fits in between a holster and a laptop bag. “While ‘necessity’ may vary from man to man, almost everyone tends to carry at least a smart phone, keys, and wallet. But sometimes we need more — sunglasses, a point-and-shoot camera, headphones, tablet, external battery, notepad, pens, pocketknife, or other ‘stuff,’” explains Jay Yoo, Koyono Founder and President, “however, most of us do not want to lug around an oversized laptop bag, strap on a fanny pack, or carry some funky man purse, just to accommodate a few more everyday carry (EDC) items.”


The Bolstr Small Carry was designed by Jay Yoo as a minimal everyday carry bag for guys and is currently being offered on Kickstarter. “I knew I wanted a bag to carry less that does not look like a murse, but I was not sure how many other guys wanted the same thing,” said Yoo. “Now that my project is over 1,200% funded, I know there are a lot of men like me who want to simplify their everyday carry.”

The Bolstr Kickstarter campaign was launched on July 30th with a pledge goal of $10,000, and was 100% funded in less than 24 hours. David Gallagher, a spokesperson from Kickstarter, offered this comment on Yoo’s Bolstr bag project: “When something kicks off like this, it’s a sign that the mainstream market is not filling a certain niche. Often it’s a result of innovation whether it’s in terms of technology or design…something that’s different than everything that’s already out there.” (via


The Bolstr Small Carry bag takes on a futuristic design concept that combines minimalism, functionality, and asymmetrical geometries in a modern, man-sized form that fits perfectly in-between a laptop bag and a holster. Bolstr tapers to a slim profile, but expands to accommodate a few more items and is large enough to store a 16 oz. water bottle. There is a dedicated pocket for sunglasses and the bag is designed to fit the iPad mini and all sized phablets. The bag’s contour shoulder pad and perfectly positioned strap anchors provide an unparalleled, ergonomic, crossbody fit, and a removable elastic waist band keeps the bag snug to the body.

Bolstr will be available on,, and through select retailers upon completion of the Kickstarter project.

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