Mobile Data Traffic Volume Soars by Leaps and Bounds.


Mobile Data Traffic Volume Soars by Leaps and Bounds.

Recent studies have show Korea’s mobile telecom service providers are in need of embracing new trends among mobile subscribers to use more data while relying less on voice services.


According tot he Korea Information Society Development Institute during July 4th in a report called “The Impact of Increasing Mobile Data Traffic on Voice Traffic” by researchers Kim Jin-ho and Oh Ki-seok, the volume of mobile data traffic has been soaring since the introduction of smartphones while that for voice traffic decreased.

During the late 2009 when Apple’s iPhone was launched within Korea, the nation’s mobile data traffic we only 430 terabytes a month. Nearing the end of 2011, just months after commercialization of the long-term evolution (LTE) services, the traffic volume skyrockted to 21,186 a month. As of April this year, its gained over more than 90,172 terabytes.

Voice Calls.

In contrast, the volume of voice calls has increased at a snails pace, with the recent trend showing a decline in growth. during 2012, the total volume of voice calls was 105.7 billion minutes, down 2.6 percent from the previous year’s 108.5 billion minutes.

The same trend of quick soaring data traffic with the accompanying phenomenon of slower voice traffic growth was observed in other major markets such as the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

The report stated that the reasons behind this als includes the increasing use of mobile messengers and mobile Internet phones, active user of social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter. and the relative decline in voice call time due to the increased attraction of multimedia contents for the mobile device.

The report said that the mobile telecom service market is moving toward data services. “In order to adapt to the new environment, mobile telecom operators must come up with new data rate plans and increase their profit centered around mobile contents.”

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