Mixi Plans To launch Monster Strike Towards Taiwan.


Mixi Plans To launch Monster Strike Towards Taiwan.

Another Investment was made recently by the the Japanese Internet company known as Mixi. As of recently they have decided to launch a localized version of a Japanese-based hit mobile game by the name of Monster Strike. Its Original name being known as Guaiwu Danzhu (or Monster Marbles) in its native language of Chinese and its currently only available for Android devices, although an iOS version shall be arriving sometime soon.


Mixi will be partnering along side So-net Entertainment Taiwan in order to launch and market the game inthat region. Within the Monster strike homepage that’s been recently launched at  monster-strike.com.tw along with a ‘how to’ page for upcoming users who are new to the games experience.

One thing that quite interesting to point out, is that fact that the company has begun to call this there very first deployment of Monster Strike towards international waters, So, one can assume that this will be an indication that Mixi’s ongoing efforts to expand towards mainland China through a partnership with Tencent has yet to blossom into something lucrative yet. Taiwan may be acting as a test bed for the company before they decide to tackle something as big as mainland China.


Mixi has also recently announced that Monster Strike has managed to garner  a total of over six million downloads. This may widely be due to the tremendous amounts of TV advertising the company has continue push in Japan, and on going thing since this past April.

Whether the game will succeed in Taiwan is yet too be seen, considering some of the fundamental difference between its home based country and Taiwan. If successful, it just may give them the confidence boost in tackling much large waters.

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