Miraishonen Releases Cycro for iOS, an Innovative Chat App That Works Offline.


Miraishonen Releases Cycro for iOS, an Innovative Chat App That Works Offline.

Miraishonen, a mobile apps developer headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo,  today launched cycro for iOS, a chat app that does not require Internet  connection. Its Android version has been released, therefore both  Android and iOS users of cycro can now connect each other.


Cycro is a chat app that allows mobile phone users to exchange messages  with other users within approximately 9 meters range(*) via Bluetooth  connection. It does not require an Internet connection, such as 3G, LTE  or Wi-Fi (Picture 1 below).

Even if the distance between the sender and the recipient is more than 9  m, if there are other cycro users between them and such devices are  mutually connected within 9 m, the messages will be delivered by being  relayed through such cycro network. This feature has been already  implemented in the current Android version, and will be implemented soon  at the next update for iOS (Picture 2 below).

implemented in the near future, even in  the case that there are not enough relaying devices, if there are some  devices with Internet connection among the relaying devices, the missing  link will be completed by such Internet connection.


Basically, the devices will be connected via Bluetooth, and the  connections with remote users will be complemented by the Internet

Compared with other apps that offer communication via Bluetooth, cycro  is more innovative because it offers a long distance message exchange  via Bluetooth, realized by relaying messages from device to device. With  this function, users can exchange text messages even where the Internet  is not available by large-scale natural disasters or other reasons.

The cycro messages are delivered through mutually connected devices,  which means the messages would not go through the Internet. The  communication using cycro would involve significantly smaller risk of  being peeped compared with the case using the Internet, therefore cycro  would be ideal for confidential communication such as in-house  communication at businesses.

Miraishonen is now developing new communication tools utilizing cycro  technology, and plans to extend its services globally, mainly targeting  North America, from September 2014.

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