Milanoo’s Latest Marketing Campaign Promotes Fashion Bloggers Globally.


Milanoo’s Latest Marketing Campaign Promotes Fashion Bloggers Globally.

Milanoo, a leading online retailer promoting the very best of men’s, women’s and wedding day fashion, is launching a new marketing program with the help of bloggers from all around the globe. They are looking for dedicated and passionate fashion enthusiasts to help spread the unique style and design of Milanoo even further.


The chosen bloggers also have the chance to develop their creativity and fine tune their fashion sense as well as seeing their blog followers grow. This is a unique opportunity to showcase the products of a retailer with millions of customers and fans. Bloggers can collaborate with the company in launching new trends and introducing the latest fashion statements to the blogosphere.

Milanoo is known for catering to all the different fashion and style nuances of its international market. It’s online store showcases the latest trends and fashions without the designer price tag. Therefore, diversity is key when choosing potential bloggers and this means that all different ideas and concepts are welcomed. Bloggers should use their own inspiration and independent thinking to showcase the items and customize it to the tastes and trends of their followers.

Outlined at, the new marketing program welcomes fashion bloggers with a website or active blog of at least 1,000 followers or an equivalent social media site that has 5,000 fans or more – the more subscribers a fashion blog has, the more qualified it is. Under the terms of the agreement, qualified bloggers must agree to allow Milanoo to access and use their blog content and photos for marketing purposes.


Blogger requirements include uploading product photos within seven to 15 days of arrival, adding links to the item on Milanoo’s webpage and putting a promotion icon on the front of the blog to highlight the collaboration with Milanoo. Bloggers are also encouraged to showcase the whole range of Milanoo’s products and let the world see how great all the items are.

Bloggers are also entitled to keep the items (worth up to $100) after blogging about them. To find out more about Milanoo’s new marketing program, please visit for information.

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